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“Easton” is a super cute Apricot colored (white markings) first generation Pomapoo puppy. He was born on February 1st and he will be ready to leave for his loving forever home on March 31st. He is microchipped for your peace of mind and we will also have a complete head to tail vet check done before he leaves us. He is registered with ICA and he also has a 3 Generation Pedigree included with his paperwork. His mother is a gorgeous white and red Pomeranian and she weighs around 11.5 pounds. His father is a beautiful dark red Mini Poodle and he weighs around 8.5 pounds. Little Easton has been handled by children and adults since his birth and he is current on his dewormings and vaccinations. This cuddly little guy is sure to make your life very interesting, reserve him today with a non-refundable deposit of $250 which will be applied to the purchase price.


The Pomapoo (also known as a Pooranian, Pom A Poo, or Pompoo) is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Poodle. Poodle crossbreeds are meant to produce a dog with mixed traits and the Poodle’s signature nonshedding coat.

Size: The Pomapoo comes in a wide variety of sizes due to possible parentage by the Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle, or Standard Poodle (though the latter is rare). The Miniature Pomapoo is most common, with a shoulder height of 8-12 in (20-30 cm) and a weight of 3-14 lbs (1-6 kg). Pomapoos can have a long, narrow muzzle like the Poodle or a wedge shaped head like the Pomeranian. They can have straight ‘Poodle tails’ or the Pomeranian’s characteristic high-set tail, carried over the back. Most Pomapoos have medium sized, ‘V’-shaped ears, short neck, and straight back. The Pomapoo is longer than it is tall.

Coat: The Pomapoo coat may be straight, curly, or anywhere in between, and may also vary from short to medium length. The Pomapoo may be a variety of colors including black, white, and brown (most common). Pomapoos of various coat texture, length, and color may be born in the same litter. The Pomapoo sheds little to none, like the Poodle.

Character: The Pomapoo is intelligent, energetic, playful, loving, and loyal. Pomapoos are very devoted to their family; some develop separation anxiety and bark when they sense their owners are leaving. The Pomapoo craves attention, but if overly pampered it may become spoiled.

Temperament: The Pomapoo gets along very well with children. Young children should be supervised around the Pomapoo to ensure they treat it with respect. Pomapoos are friendly with strangers, making poor watchdogs. Pomapoos get along very well with other dogs. Socialization when young is recommended for the Pomapoo.

Care: The Pomapoo should be brushed daily to keep the coat knot and tangle free. Straight coats require less frequent brushing and trimming. The Pomapoo has a lifespan of 10-15 years and an average litter of six puppies. Like other hybrids, Pomapoos tend to have fewer health problems than purebreds (known as ‘hybrid vigor’). Potential health problems are luxating patella (dislocated knee), patent ductus arteriosus (a heart defect), collapsed trachea, and cataracts.

Training: The Pomapoo is intelligent and eager to please, making it easily trained. Positive reinforcement is best; harsh training methods will likely prove counterproductive.

Activity: The Pomapoo requires a moderate amount of exercise. It is fairly active indoors, but enjoys a daily walk or playtime outside. The Pomapoo is a good match for apartment life.


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