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What brand of food is the puppy eating and where can we purchase it?

Our mamma dogs are put on a high protein / high calorie diet approximately two to three weeks before they are expected to give birth. They will continue with this special high protein / high calorie diet until their puppies have been totally weaned which is usually when the puppies are 7 weeks old. The little puppies are also weaned from mamma onto this high protein kibble and this is what we send them to your home with. We feed NutriSource Premium Puppy Starter which has 30% protein and over 530 calories per cup of food. We recommend that you continue feeding NutriSource Products as they are an excellent choice for quality foods. If you need to know where to purchase this brand of food, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you locate the store nearest to your location. You are also welcome to search for store locations on the following website, www.nutrisourcepetfoods.com, and then click on the “Where To Buy” link at the top of the page.

Has the puppy had any potty training or how do we go about potty training our new puppy?
We do not offer any potty training on our puppies. Because newborn puppies need lots of nutrition, we chose to let them have access to their food 24/7. This does complicate the potty-training process a little as we all know that what goes in must come out. After you receive your new little bundle of joy and cuteness, we recommend feeding them two or three times a day and then making sure you take them outside to potty soon after they eat. We do want you to keep them supplied with fresh water at all times but by controlling when they eat, the potty training will go much easier for you. There are several ways to train your puppy from crate training to pee pads to going outside in a designated area. All these ways can work…. it’s basically what are you comfortable with. There are lots of websites available to give you the basics on the various ways…. the main key is to be consistent with whatever way you decide to go. Remember, potty training takes time and commitment and it is not something that can be done in a few days or weeks.

Do you have the puppy’s parents on the premises and may we see them?
We own all of our parent dogs and they are under our watchful care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do not allow any outside dogs on our property and we do not offer stud service to any other dogs or breeders. We are a USDA licensed and inspected facility and because of the potential for various diseases to affect us or our healthy parent dogs, we do not allow anyone into our kennel facility. We do have pictures of our parent dogs and we certainly do not mind showing you their pictures at any time.

What brand of soap or shampoo do you use on your puppies?
We use several different soaps and shampoos depending on the dog breed and the coat color. We do like to use more of the natural type of products and we support the BALANCE line of products made by Glo-Marr. The BALANCE line has lots of different blends including deodorizing and moisturizing shampoos as well as different colognes for pets.

How often and how much should the puppy be fed?
We allow all of our puppies and parent dogs free access to their food at all times. We feel its very important for them to have all the protein and calories necessary to grow properly. If you are intending to potty train your new puppy, we recommend that you feed them two or three times a day and let them have as much as they can eat for about twenty minutes per feeding. This schedule will teach your puppy to eat when the food is placed before him/her, and will make your potty training more manageable.

What is the expected size that our new puppy will reach at maturity?
This of course varies with the breed of puppy, but a good rule of thumb to go by is typically what the mother’s weight is will more than likely be what the puppies will turn out to be. This can vary because every litter has puppies that are built smaller or larger than others so this will generate a range of weights. We also can use a puppy weight calculator to help you get a good idea of where your puppy may mature at.

What is the puppy’s personality like?
Puppy personalities vary as much as the colors of the rainbow. Sometimes a puppy can be laid back and relaxed at six weeks old and by the time you receive them and get them home at eight weeks old they are racing through the house and chewing on everything in sight. We will be more than happy to tell you how their parents relate to people and other dogs. Our puppies are handled by children on a daily basis and spend lots of time running and playing with other puppies. They love chew toys and blankets and also love their nap times as well.

How much hair will this puppy shed?
Most of our designer breed puppies are hypo-allergenic which means that they don’t shed much at all. Some of the pure breed puppies such as Cocker Spaniels and Pomeranians do shed more. This varies with the different breeds and we certainly will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Is it OK to socialize this puppy with other dogs and puppies?
Our puppies are on a strict de-worming and vaccination schedule that we start with them at a very young age. This schedule is kept current until they leave our care. At this point, you will be provided with their vaccination history and it is up to you to keep this care continuing with your vet. As long as you keep your puppy vaccinated and only allow them to associate with other dogs and puppies you know are also current on their vaccinations, they should be OK playing with others. As with human children, the more you expose them to others, the more likely you are to contract diseases. Dog parks are great for exercise and meeting others, but please be careful……. there are germs everywhere and diseases can very easily be transmitted through feces, urine and contaminated soil. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Do you offer shipping and how much does that cost?
We certainly can ship your puppy basically anywhere in the United States, Canada or Alaska. We handle all the arrangements, paperwork and vet checks needed for this to happen. We use several different airlines, trying to get the fastest most direct flights available for your new family addition. You will need to go to the Air Cargo building at your nearest airport and present your ID after which they will release your precious little bundle to you. These flights typically range from $350 – $450 depending where the puppy is going and also how large a crate is needed. We let you know when we leave for the airport with your puppy and also when the puppy is turned over to the airline personnel. After this we monitor the flight using FlightAware and we also will confirm with you to make sure you have received the puppy. We will do whatever is necessary to ensure your new addition makes it safely and quickly to your loving arms. Please be very sensitive to the needs of your puppy, shipping and transferring to a new family can be stressful for them and it is up to you to make sure they get enough to eat and drink in those first hours after you receive them. We recommend having some wet canned puppy food or kitty food on hand to help tempt them into eating if you are experiencing any problems. It is better to be prepared than to wish you had that canned food and realize you don’t have any to offer them.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Grassy Ridge Kennels is set up to accept most major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We also accept payments through our website and PayPal. We do accept Cash as well. We are required by the State of Mississippi to charge sales tax on all puppy sales which is an additional 7%. Please note, this is a state requirement and not something that we can waive.

When can I take my new puppy home?
Most of our puppies are weaned and ready to leave here by the time they are eight weeks old. Some of the smaller toy breeds may need to be nine or ten weeks until they are old enough to leave. If we are shipping your puppy by air, they need to be at least eight weeks old as well as they must weigh a minimum of two pounds. This is only to insure the health and well-being of your new puppy.

When do I need to take my new puppy to the vet?
We offer a 1-year genetic health guarantee on every new puppy that leaves our family. We do ask that in order for this to be in effect, you as a customer must take the new puppy to your vet within 72 hours of the date and time of purchase. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of our 1-year genetic health guarantee. We will give you all the puppy’s records to take along to your vet, that way it is easy for your vet to see what we have done with the puppy and for them to make recommendations as to the continuing care of your puppy. The sooner you can have your puppy meet your vet, the better off you are.

What all comes with our new puppy?
We at Grassy Ridge Kennels want the best for you and your new cute pet. We register all our puppies for your peace of mind. We register our pure breed puppies with either AKC, ACA or APRI. Our designer breed puppies are registered with ICA and we also send a pedigree along with each of our puppies. We microchip all our puppies with a MARS registered micro-chip. We make sure that you receive a small bag of the NutriSource Puppy Food that your puppy is familiar with along with a chew toy. We also enroll any of our AKC registered puppies in the AKC Puppy Protection Package which has a retail value of over $250.00 all at no extra cost to you. We also hope to send along with you the peace of mind that you have received a healthy loving family member who will be with you for a lifetime.

What should we do to prepare for our new puppy’s arrival?
Getting a new puppy for most families is an exciting time and yes, there are things you will need to get ready. There are all those cute little shirts and outfits, collars and leashes, toys and chewy treats and of course, that REALLY soft cozy bed that you would love to curl up in yourself. You will also want to get a crate to put the puppy into at night or when you leave the house. This crate should be large enough for a bed and a pee pad but not to large to allow the puppy to run wild. The idea is that the puppy will not go potty on its bed but will use the pee pad during its time in the crate. It is also a good idea to have a water bottle that hangs on the side of the crate that way the puppy can have fresh water without spilling a bowl and making either the pad or the bed wet. You may also want to think about what will the puppy chew on……. puppies love to chew on anything they’re really not supposed to. Furniture, light cords, shoes and flip flops……you name it they will get it. Make sure that these things are out of reach, puppies can easily chew off pieces of these items and the next thing you know, they’re acting sick and throwing up because they ate a button or part of a flip flop or a candy wrapper.

May we feed our new puppy tidbits from the table?
Puppies tummies are very sensitive and they require special proteins and minerals that are found in their specially formulated puppy foods. Their stomachs really cannot handle the rich foods that us humans like and enjoy and these will cause health issues down the road for them. We recommend using a high protein / high calorie well formulated puppy food for the first 12 months and then switching them to a medium protein / medium calorie well formulated adult food. We also do not recommend the new “Grain-Free” foods as we have learned from different seminars with different vets and nutritionists across the country that these foods are lacking some very vital minerals and nutrients. When puppies and adults do not get these minerals and nutrients, they are more susceptible to things like poor eye sight and skin issues.

Do you have any advice for raising or training a new puppy?
Training a puppy is work……. it’s not a quick process and its not something that will take care of itself. Puppies love associating and interacting with people and they will often pick one certain person as their favorite. You must deal with puppies with a gentle but firm hand, make sure they know when they have done a good job. Lots of praise and the little bacon treat for good behavior is in order, but you must also make clear to them that you are the master and you expect obedience without being harsh or rough with them. Give them plenty of exercise so they can burn off their energy and provide them with toys and other items for them to chew on……. save your shoes and furniture. Most of all, be consistent and don’t give up. Persistence in training will pay off in the long run.

How can I convince mom and dad to buy me a puppy?
Ha-ha……. you’re trying to get me in trouble now!!!! OK, so you really think you can handle a puppy, remember this is a puppy not a stuffed animal on your bedroom dresser. This puppy is alive, this puppy will steal you socks you left on the floor, this puppy will chew on your dad’s shoe and then when you’re not looking, this puppy will pee on the floor and you are going to be the one to clean up the mess. OK, I’m not saying you can’t handle a puppy but a puppy does require a person to be responsible. Here are a few tips that may help convince your parents you are ready for a puppy. Do you have a way to help with the cost of a puppy? Maybe you have some birthday money that you’ve been saving, puppies are not cheap and they need food and toys. How well do you do in school; can you focus on your lessons and get good grades? Your puppy can not tell you that he has a tooth ache or that his stomach hurts. You need to be observant and notice these things before they get extremely bad and then cost you a lot of money in vet bills. A new puppy is fun, they are cute and cuddly but they will get bigger and then they will need more room to run. They will need their hair brushed and clipped and their nails will need trimmed. If you are a responsible young person who already is helping with chores around the house, good chances are that mom and dad will agree with you that a puppy would be a great idea. And when you have them convinced, we will be more than happy to see to it that you have an adorable soft loving puppy ready to go home to your house.